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Two minds, four hands, and a small universe of tools.


   Ketchum, ID - Over the span of ten years, the jewelry-making collaboration of Michele Black and Terrance Deemer has evolved to be a unique amalgam, creating fine art pieces that are anything but conventional.

   Etched silver, 18K gold, shakudo , and fine gems form the palette.   Michele’s focus is currently on evoking the idea of implied motion, particularly in nature.  Terrance has always been obsessed with the precision of machinery.  The magic of collaboration occurs somewhere between the two polar opposites.  The newest work is a series of modular pendant suites, one of a kind, and versatile in that each single module can be suspended in different ways, recombined, or worn individually.

   Michele has been posting information and images of newer work, fresh from the bench, on her Facebook page.  Please click link to review our most current efforts and adventures.